Trades LLC Announces Targets And Commits To Achieve Net Zero By 2040

Trades LLC is a leader in the professional staffing and recruitment industry to have specific climate action goals.

CASPER, Jan. 1, 2022/ — Trades LLC announced today targets and commitments to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. It will reduce operational emissions by 60% and supply chain emissions by 30% by 2025. Trades feels very ambitious to reach net zero sooner then it’s competitors through many different factors.

Climate change and resource scarcity are amongst society’s most significant challenges. As a socially responsible organization, we are fully committed to minimizing our operational impact on the environment when and wherever possible; this is core to ensuring we do business in the right way.

Trades LLC and its subsidiaries have an integral role to play in the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Our insulating, coating, abatement, and procurement practices have significant indirect environmental impacts. As a diverse business, we recognize the complex challenges of achieving sustainable development in the regions where we operate. The social and economic consequences of a changing climate will increasingly impact our Company and our customers. We will manage risk and capture new market opportunities by recognizing and understanding these issues.

We also have a direct environmental impact through natural resources in our operations. Our environmental management activities focus on several key areas: using our buildings, completing our work, and carrying out our business travel. While carbon management is a key priority, we have expanded the scope of our environmental management program to include water, waste, and paper.

The Company has an ongoing commitment to:

  • Use products and services for a low-carbon economy: this covers clients’ financing and risk management services, which will help direct more capital to low-carbon opportunities.
  • Manage climate change risks: this includes collaborating with stakeholders to minimize the risk to our operations, as well as to our customers and clients
  • Reduce our carbon footprint: as part of our Climate Action Program, we are committed to reducing our absolute carbon emissions and offsetting the remainder.

Policy Statement:

At a minimum, this Policy requires compliance with all relevant legislation and other requirements in our operation areas. However, we aim to go further than this through the actions outlined in our Climate Action Program and by adopting best practices. The Company aims to minimize its impact on the environment by:

  • Integrating environmental considerations into business decisions aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Using sustainable practices in purchased goods, property design, and property management.
  • Setting targets on critical aspects of our environmental performance and reviewing them periodically.
  • Reducing carbon emissions from our operations by investing in energy-efficient buildings, vehicles, and technology, improving our energy management, managing our business travel, and influencing our colleagues’ behavior.
  • Managing indirect environmental and social impacts through the Company’s Environmental and Social Impact Risk Standard, construction-specific guidance, and our commitment to the Equator Principles.
  • Managing indirect impacts in the supply chain by collaborating with key suppliers to improve our environmental performance and their own. Our assessment of suppliers within the sourcing process assigns an appropriate weighting to their environmental performance issues.
  • Raising our employees’ awareness of environmental issues, encouraging environmentally responsible behavior, and providing appropriate training enable them to implement our environmental Policy fully.
  • Engaging with industry groups and non-governmental organizations to contribute positively and proactively to environmental sustainability in business.

We will communicate proactively and openly about our environmental commitments and performance.

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