Ever Wonder What Happens When You Click “BUY NOW”?

A case study of a global leading company with a hundred Fulfillment locations stands in a better position then ever to take on the future, with the support of staffing by TRADES, LLC.

The Challenge

This global online sales company known as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” provides products to consumers all across the globe and requires a small army (100K+ employees) to make it happen.

When the company recently made a large push to build faster, larger and more economical fulfillment centers they relied on many local staffing agencies for their workforce requirements, including TRADES, LLC. The fulfillment centers that were staffed with TRADES immediately recognized the quality of workers, many of which were general laborers providing exceptional cleaning on a covid aware jobsite. The client had an adverse reaction with staffing agencies as in the past they had issues involving reliability as well as safety, but not with TRADES.


Given TRADES extensive network and expectations for future growth, TRADES offered multiple business models to support the customer.

TRADES created convenient access to a varied and diverse workforce through their inclusivity they welcomed the following models:

  1. On-Demand Workers, accommodating emergency requests.
  2. Project-Based Workers, assisting on projects for a specific timeline until completion.
  3. Temp-To-Hire Workers, providing temporary support with potential of becoming a permanent full-time employee, being both beneficial to the customer and the employee.

The customer knew and recognized TRADES ability to provide excellent service on the jobsite and saw the symbiotic potential.


Within the next 5 years, the company plans to expand it’s construction of fulfillment centers across the USA and with TRADES supporting them every step of the way gives them the confidence to move forward in a world full of manpower shortages.

Supported by 125,000 + employees across the globe, the company sees exponential unimpeded growth in the future. This makes them even more willing to encourage the development of a workforce that will provide many people career growth and opportunities for the future of families in America.

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